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to start working. if it doesn't exist already, build upon as the conversation keeps going. and we also had donald olivier from the department of environment come and talk a little bit about his organization's interest and some of the work they've done currently with the puc on helping with outreach. so, that is -- that was something that we did that was great. and the minutes, the draft minutes you have, it's also on the website. as far as our membership, we are currently at 15 of 17 members seated, and i would love to thank supervisor kim for her recent appointment of nella manuel who is our 15th member. we have two vacant seats currently. if anyone knows anyone who would like to be on the citizens advisory committee in supervisor farrell's district, please send them his way. also, we need a large water
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user that mayor lee appoints. i'll be putting together a report the past year, what we did forward looking and what we'll be working on in 2013. and if anyone has anything that they would like to see us give input that would be helpful for the commission, i'd loch to know that either now or any kind of correspondence. * love to know that thank you. >> thank you for your service. we're on to the consent calendar. >> excuse me. >> yes. i'm sorry. >> mr. jones, i had a thought for you. may i have your number? >> my phone number? 415-7 86-22 1 -- >> 22 -- >> i'm getting -- you might want to write it down. >> okay. [laughter]
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>> i have a lot of people calling me. my e-mail is on -- >> i think you should both write it down and give it to march lee. >> i'm sorry, we're friends. [laughter] >> all right. we're going to go to the consent calendar. just write it out and she'll give it to the commissioner. >> my e-mail is on the website. one of the things that i'm very grateful to jean wallace walsh [speaker not understood]. there is a strong effort to publicize the cac on the website. and my e-mail is on the website so anyone can reach me there. they've done a very nice job helping to give us a little bit more visibility and ways for the community to approach us with ideas and problems and issues. >> all right, thank you very much. consent calendar. is there a -- i think there are some comments on the consend calendar and i don't know -- i
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understand the item commissioner courtney is going to move. >> shall we begin? >> i'll recognize him to do that. >> yeah, i'd like to make a request that we remove from the agenda item 9h, pending approval of a modification. and there are copies for the public if anyone is interested. >> i don't want to remove any other items. i know dr. jackson wanted to make a comment on item 9a. is that correct? yes. >> why don't we make the comment while we're considering the consent item as a whole rather than removing an item. >> does it need to be read into the record? i'll read the item. consent calendar item 9, 9a through 9j consent -- >> go ahead. >> all matter listed hereunder constitute a consent calendar, are considered to be routine by the san francisco public utilities commission, and will be acted upon by a single vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of
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these items unless a member of the commission or the public so requests, in which event the matter will be removed from the calendar and considered as a separate item. >> dr. jackson. i didn't hear too well. you were saying you were removing this? >> i prefer not to. but i did not want to prevent you from making comments on it. well, i'm glad it's being removed. >> you want it removed? yes. >> is there a motion by a member of the committee? i don't want it removed, but if someone else does, that's their option. all right. >> aren't they allow today do that? are you going to put it over to another time? >> no, no, i don't want to do that. >> just to be clear, in removing it from consent, that's essentially what you're doing by allowing someone to testify on an individual item. but then you're going to call it. you're not removing it from the calendar. you're going to call it and
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vote on it -- >> correct. >> all right. >> motion -- >> i move to remove it from -- >> mr. courtney, without objection, that will be the order. all right, dr. jackson, now you can legally speak. thank you. when i saw this on the calendar, and i read a, i would like -- if staff is here, you have in front of you, i think it's the thier group, who is that? i just wanted information as to who this group is if needed for community and outreach services. who are these people? who are the groups? >> so, holley thier who is out in the audience, he du a lot of the project labor agreement and also help with the small businesses in the region. so, she has been involved in a lot of contracts with the puc. * so, she provides a lot of services, especially in the region. then another question,
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since i don't know who she is. in the discussion that has been going on, the problems that dealing about the jobs, you know, the contracts and things, and i mentioned this previously. it's a sad situation that this, as large as this city is and concern that goes on in the city that there is not one city department that has a state certified or federal certified compliance officer to make sure that the contractors are doing what they're supposed to do. so, and i have brought this -- been bringing this up for the last two years prior to we having local hiring here in san francisco. and this is one of the reasons why people have been skirting because people are turning their heads while contractors get these contracts and they don't do the job that they're supposed to for the citizens of san francisco. well, i want to just thank you -- >> thank you. and i'm sure ms. thier who
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heard exactly what you said will be outreaching to you. well, good. [laughter] >> all right. any other items that wish to be removed by the commission? before we move for a vote on the consent calendar as a whole? on this item as well? >> 9a. >> 9a. robert woods again. i'm looking at this and when i look at the possibilities of this contract and the community, nobody in the community is nowhere near in this, in this procedure. and even though it's only 49,000, but here is something, we're talking about outreach in the community and we are --
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basically, when you look at what the city is doing, bayview hunters point district 10 is basically is our last hoorah and the community is not being asked or being considered because you're going to be coming into our community and we are not a part of this, and that's why we -- this is what we're crying about. parity, give us an opportunity to participate. that's all we ask. give us an opportunity to participate, and this is participation. thank you. >> can i just clarify something? so, this is part of three contracts? one was james mc gee, he's african-american firm. his contract was modified. also we had ms link 2000 which
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is an hispanic firm as well, and they got the same modification. so, it's part of, you know, all three that we went out with an rfp out sometime ago. so, i just wanted to fill that and put it in context. >> all right. any other comments? all right. item -- we have removed item a and item h from the agenda. so, that leaves the remainder of the consent calendar which i would entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> so moved and second, senator vietor. [laughter] >> procedural problem. all right. those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> opposed? all right, the motion carries. item 9a, is there a motion? >> so moved. >> so moved by commissioner caen. >> second. >> second by courtney. signify by saying aye. >> yee. aye. >> opposed? that item carries. item h, you had a comment?
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>> yes. there is a substitute resolution that is available to you and to the public. * commissioner caen if you could move the staff recommended corrections -- >> where are they? >> to the agenda item? they were -- >> okay. >> i don't think you have to read them into the record. you just need to move -- >> here it is. thank you. >> i have a substitute motion before me. i would like to propose the following change. it's about authorization for our general manager. and the additional whereas reads as follows. if a potential contract modification is under consideration that would increase the contract duration for 09 consecutive calendar days. to complete the additional contract work and address delays, potentially caused by the contractor, increasing the total contract duration to up to 720 consecutive calendar days depending upon the determination of responsibility for the delays and subject to the general manager subsequent approval of a modification to the contract. and that's the additional amendment that i'm proposing.
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so, that's my motion. >> all right. is there a second? >> second. >> second. moved and seconded. discussion? if you want to add anything, noreen? >> no. there is the related change to the result. * clause. i didn't know from was any public comment is all. >> i was getting to that. that's quite all right. i'm used to the beautiful ladies running the meeting. all right. [laughter] >> any public comment? all right. there being none, is there a motion to approve? >> so moved. >> so moved by commissioner vietor. seconded by mr. courtney. all those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> those opposed? all right, the motion carries. and that brings us to -- >> item 10. >> yes, item 10. >> mr. president? >> yes. >> [speaker not understood]. we had communications before i
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knew t. i have a comment on ongoing calendar. >> sure. >> i did not see any mention of a discussion on our disposable real estate. the only item i saw was a yearly report on real estate. so, somebody please correct me that it is there. mr. harlan? >> i'm sorry, commissioner, whats was the question? >> the question was i failed to see our discussion time for the disposal of our real estate. >> okay. >> and that is an oversight on my part, i apologize. i'll make sure it gets on the advanced calendar and we have it in the next meeting or two. >> thank you. >> all right. commissioner vietor. >> i had an item under commission business, item number 6. just a quick item on the lake merced meeting in the community
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that we were going to calendar. and just want to find out if there is progress made and if we have a date set for that. >> ka canoes will be provided? >> [speaker not understood]. we have not set a date for that e. we have been trying to set a meeting with management for rec and park the next week or so. we can actually set a date and set an agenda for that. >> so, if you could please by our next meeting have a date, couple of proposed dates for us to review, that would be great. thank you. >> great. any other comments on that? all right. item number 10. >> item 10, approve amendment no. 1 to agreement cs-968, environmental analysis services for the upper alameda creek filter gallery project, with environmental science associates to provide environmental analysis services and permitting support; and authorize the general manager to execute this amendment with a time extension of six years, for a total agreement of duration of eight years, 10 months. >> [speaker not understood]. good afternoon, commissioners.
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tm kelly. this project, the alameda creek, per alameda creek filter gallery project is located in [speaker not understood] on alameda creek. it is to recapture water that is released for fisheries, habitat enhancement from the calaveras dam. the project started in january 2010, then it was placed on hold for -- since november 2011, basically two years. and now we are ready, almost ready. the planning has been going on to plan the project and we're almost ready to start environmental review again, but we don't have enough time. so, therefore, we're asking for a three-year, five-month extension. there was a slight error in the
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agenda item under amendment number 1. if you look at that, it says extension by sick years. >> yes. >> but that's wrong. it's actually three years and five months. * six and apologies for that. so, the total duration would be six years and three months. we're not asking for additional funds. the consultant is ready to restart the work and we're looking for your approval. >> why does it take so long? >> well, because it was on hold. >> ah, that's right. >> we had to stop work. it made sense to stop work so that we're not charging and not wasting time and money. in the meantime we're going to plan a better project. >> i'd like to move this forward with all due haste.
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>> all due haste, thank you. >> second. >> is there a eked all those signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> opposed? >> thank you very much. >> it is carried. item number 11. >> item 11, approve an increase in the construction contract cost contingency for contract hh-953, tesla portal protection, in the amount of $519,366, and an increase in the contract duration of up to 195 consecutive calendar days. authorize the general manager to approve future modifications to the contract, for a total revised contract amount of up to $3,555,366 and for a total revised contract duration up to 459 consecutive calendar days. >> [speaker not understood]. >> good afternoon, julie labonte. pretty straightforward item. be happy to answer any questions. >> any questions? is there a motion sf >> so moved. >> moved by senator -- >> senator. [laughter] >> commissioner caen. not my day today.
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>> seconded by senator moran. >> ah, the ambitionses. all those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> opposed? motion is carried. public comment on matters to be discussed in closed session. public comments on closed session matters. all right, there being none, we'll have to entertain a motion to assert attorney/client privilege. >> so moved. >> seconded? >> second. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> all those opposed? the motion is carried. >> closed session item number 14, conference with legal counsel pursuant to california government code section 54956.9 (a) and san francisco administrative code section 67.10(d). item 15, conference with legal co >> i move not to disclose. >> second by commissioner caen. signify by saying aye. >> aye.
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>> all those opposed? motion carries. other new business? we're adjourned. [adjourned] >> the garden contains plants referred to by william shakespeare's plays and poems. located near the academy of sciences, shakespeare's garden was designed in 1928 by the california spring and wild flower association. here is a truly enchanting and tranquil little garden tucked behind the path of a charming rot iron gate with romantic magic.
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the overarching cherry trees, the gorgeous big walkway and brick wall, the benches, the rustic sun dial. the pack picnic, lovely bench, enjoy the sunshine and soft breeze and let the >> san francisco mayor lee is here to join us. this is especially special for us. about 14 months ago when we kicked off our first program lee was here. he helped cut the ribbon and launch with our first companies about 14 months ago, and i one thing i will say before you get up we thought long and hard where we wanted green star located and we knew we wanted it in silicon valley and we wanted to know where
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they were going to and we believe san francisco is on the way to being the heart and hub of silicon valley and where the heart and the leadership is and we will exciting where it's going and please welcome mayor ed lee. >> thank you mitch. thank you so much. you know innovation is infectious. it's as infectious as giants fever. how about that? so let me tell you i have been excited ever since i came here and cut the ribbon with mitch a year ago and want to the get back here and see how everything was progressing and guess what? just over a year and a half ago when we first started here and when i started as mayor san francisco unemployment rate was 9.6% and
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last week six-point 9%. what a flip and a lot of it has to do with all the job creation you're doing right here and i want to congratulate you green start and all the companies starting out here. i like to be next and involved with all of the innovation going on. that is really infectious and i really like that with this city. because there are 208 clean tech companies in san francisco and there are 83 investors and i think they're all here today. i think we earned the title of north american clean tech group and part of my administration that we support you and we engage with in how to do it better and you're part of my 17 points of job growth in the city. i ran on that as the new mayor in town. by the way i
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never have ran for public office before so you need to help me look good. i know they're going to work and as mitch said we are the ecosystem. this is how things are happening. this is why people are coming into san francisco. in addition we have a tourist sector going on, life sciences going on. everybody is innovating in the right places and doing it here in san francisco and there is a strong spirit and we will continue growth and jobs everybody. we want to help everybody out and support each other and that comes to what we do here in san francisco. today i am announcing a new initiative and clean tech sf initiative which we launching with all of you. there are three part it is of this. the first part is we're working with the california clean energy fund. i know jeff anderson is here today as part
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of them and he's going to be partners with us, and he's partners in every branch that we doing. the first thing we're doing as clean tech sf we will establish innovation zones in san francisco. what does that mean? we asked last time when we were here in san francisco and how can we help? perhaps we can help with the resources that the city doesn't use to the highest use. let's take our space. we have a lot of assets under utilized. how can we allow the demonstrations that you're having today have a real field test for what they are, and if we could allow ourselves to be very flexible with our leases, our spaces we will allow ourselves to do that with partnership with green start and incubate some of the demonstrationos our property, let's take what we're doing specifically. with our sfpuc,
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with the department of the environment and melanie is here today and doing a great job with our mos connie center and i know we have a lot of panels up there already but doesn't fill all the roof tops and there is new technology coming out all the time. we have been challenged in the solar technology arena because traditional technology has heavy weight technology that always challenged the integrity of roof tops, and moscone is the one we found and let that be for one of these companies and light ultralight technology and use, cheaper way of getting solar out there and we're going to allow them to demonstrate their product on top of our mos connie roof and that is an example
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we're doing in utilizing all of the agency's cooperations and make sure the start ups can use real testing sites in the city. that is thanks to the hardand kelly and the manager at puc and barbara hale and the second thing we're going to do is take a page out of what we're doing with clean tech and biotech life sciences. you see what mission bay is doing. they have for the last ten years building up a ecosystem of pharmaceutical companies and san francisco medical center and integrated around with the research teams to form a very strong research center and because of that center more and more companies around the world are locating there because they want to be next to the laboratory innovators. they're sharing
10:56 am
laboratories, sharing scientists and collaborating and all with solutions about the future of medicine. taking a page out of that why couldn't we do the same thing with clean tech? we want to invite institutions like our california puc, our san francisco puc, our department of the environment, organizations and private institutions like sun run or pg&e to potentially create the network of their innovative sites and their innovative divisions to work together and potentially in a physical location or just begin networking first, and start working with the major universities and their research entities on their sites so we can start anchoring these institutions within san francisco and create another ecosystem of anchoring institutions. that proved successful in the delivery of pharmaceutical answers to
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medical challenges. i think it will prove to be helpful here to have them focial exciting center to come and look at and draw the attention i think of even more start ups, and the third part of this clean sf initiative is make sure that we do everything possible to support clean tech start ups. we can do that with partnership with the clean energy fund and our departments and their funds for grants and help green start with all of these start ups and make sure they know we're supporting them in every way possible, and through that partnership we will come up with even more ideas. this continues to be the innovation capital in the world and i will put that in context and melanie asked me to remind all of you. there is no other city in the united states if not the world that can say they
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accomplished goals of 80% of all of our garage is being repsyched in san francisco. we will get to 100% in our lifetimes and this i grant you because we have innovators here and people committed. we have investors here to help us with the new ideas. this last 20% of recycling is going to be the hardest but the most enjoyable. this city will continue to innovate. we will embrace clean technologies. we we will certificate green start and demonstrations that we will see today and october is innovation month and gratifying for those and happy clean tech day in san francisco. thank you very much. [applause] >> it is awesome to have the
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mayor announce that right here at green start. we are thrilled to be a part of that. it's true a year ago mayor lee asked "what can we do to help?" and we said we have lots of companies that want to test pilot things and deploy things and how can san francisco be a part of that and to see this come together so quickly is incredibly rewarding and testament to the leadership you're providing and san francisco is lucky to have you as our mayor. thank youlike to to order

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